Refinance Loans

Are you paying too much on your mortgage?

Has it been more than two years since you last reviewed your home loan interest rate?  Are you sure it is still the best home loan for you?  Have you ever considered refinancing?

With circumstances always changing, you never know when you could be paying too much on your mortgage and have the opportunity to save some of your hard earned money. Our team at Focus Property Wealth know where the best rates are and how to obtain you the best deal for you, putting your cash in your own pocket.

Why refinance?

Recent statistics show that four out of five Australian home owners don’t know what their interest rate is, and without knowing your interest rate how are you supposed to know if you’re interest rate is competitive and giving you the maximum possible benefits.

Things such as a new job, a pay rise or even new financial goals and budgeting can also create refinancing opportunities. You may be looking to renovate or release some equity which can be achieved through refinancing. So, don’t hesitate in looking at your opportunities and miss out on the potential benefits available to you.

Did you know?

Above and beyond is our motto, in addition to reviewing any current loans you have we will work with you to create efficiencies in all financial costs in your financial life.  The savings can then be invested in those things important to you which may be a regular family holiday, a new car or perhaps paying your home loan off years earlier to be debt free sooner.

How do I refinance?

Arrange a complimentary consultation with us today by calling us on 08 6162 6577 and our experienced team will help see what refinancing options are available to you.

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