Car Loan

Are you looking for a car loan to get a new four wheel drive to go camping with? Do you need a new car to get your kids to school and back? Do you want the car of your dreams?

Here at Focus Property Wealth you can rely on us to find the most affordable and competitive car to loan suited to your needs, it makes sense as we usually have a pretty good grasp on your needs and where you are going. We can find great rates fast for you while you are out finding your new car.

How can we help?

  • We can find the best and most affordable car loan interest rates on the market
  • Fast turnaround
  • Personally tailored loans suited to your needs
  • Provide loans on new as well as old cars, with terms varying on the age of the car, through both dealerships and private sellers
  • Friendly service

Car finance can be tricky, car yards can use it as a part of their negotiations but we can help take that out of the equations as you can go shopping with your car loan pre-approval in hand and ready to go.

Contact us on 08 6162 6577 today to chat to our team and before you know it you could be driving away that new car of yours.

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