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Focus Property Wealth Mortgage Brokering will help you pay off your loan sooner. We handle the paperwork and negotiate with the lender on your behalf, so you don’t need to spend your valuable time tracking down the best rates and most suitable options.

Our Mortgage Brokers are experienced and professional. They understand differences between lenders, and make informed decisions before recommending one product over another, saving you time and money.

Their experience and industry know-how can help you access the best rates in the market and make applying for a loan easy.

Why use us?

  • It’s obligation-free.
  • Our mortgage brokers are all accredited and experienced.
  • We have access to hundreds of home loan products.
  • We understand that while rates are important, we consider all the other features of the loan.
  • We offer a reliable service and professional service from an organisation you know and trust.
  • Extra mortgage repayments are on the house
  • Receive on-going valuable support before, during and after loan application.

What happens during an appointment?

Appointments can be conducted in our office or over the phone and usually take around an hour to complete. During this appointment, we will discuss:

  • The features of the loan you require
  • Your financing approach
  • Your capacity to borrow
  • What the lending market is offering.

How long does it take to get a loan?

Generally, an approval of finance can be achieved within 14 days. Refinances generally require two to four weeks from application to settlement.

How to get started?

Talk to a Focus Property Wealth Mortgage Broker today. Call us on (08) 6162 6577

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