Investment Loans

Are you a property investor? We can help.

Do you have an investment property or are you thinking of buying one?   A Perth Investment Loan should be structured in a specific way that allows you to make the most of your household cash-flow and is in line with your plans.

Lenders apply different loan purposes with different interest rates to investment loans, however through smart planning and management of your home loans, our clients can sometimes achieve interest rates close to the same low rates as owner occupied loans.

Did you know having an interest only loans actually decreases your borrowing capacity?  This is because when looking at your loan the banks will assume the loan term is the shorter term after the interest only period has finished rather than the full loan term and so you will require a higher income to service your required funding.

At Focus Property Wealth we will review your overall circumstances, specific to you and then assist you in planning into the future in regards to your finance strategy.   We will then implement this plan and keep in touch regularly to support you along your journey.

All this at no cost to you.

So as members of PIPA, if you looking for an Perth investment loan expert who is also a qualified property investment advisor to guide you and be there for you down there track book a complimentary consultation now or call us on 6162 6577.

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