Home Loan Calculator

Check out our home loan calculator to help you determine your capacity and how to pay your loan down a bit sooner :

Extra Repayment Calculator

This Calculator can help you focus on your repayments and show you how much you can save by paying a little bit extra each repayment date.  We often work with our clients to combine a number of strategies to work towards halving their loan term which usually results in saving many thousands of dollars of interest costs.   Have a go and contact us if you would like to start your own rapid repayment plan today....

How Much Can I Borrow

Borrowing capacity is a really hot topic at the moment with many banks reducing their clients ability to loan as they use higher interest rates when looking at your loans and a number of other factors.  This lending capacity calculator is rough guide and will give a general indication of the amount a banks will lend based on your circumstances.  We will dive a bit deeper and look across our panel of lenders to help you come up with a suitable lending option. For a more in-depth calculation of your household living expenses you might want to use the governments moneysmart budget planner tool.

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