Business Loans

Do you have a business loans or perhaps you would like to purchase your business premises?

Business loans can be seen as difficult to obtain and often with limited options, it can be daunting to obtain the right business finance.  As we work with a broad range of banking options on our client's behalf we can usually find a number of great options that will suit our clients requirements.

As we also are a business, we understand the requirements of other businesses.  This includes the importance of understanding all business costs, business cash-flow and forward planning.  We can work with you to ensure your business can focus on the important things to you.

How can we help?

We can get an understanding for your requirements, review your options and then present the best options available from our panel of lending options.  We will then continue to work with you as your business evolves and grows.

Some of the key areas we assist with business and commercial finance include:

  1. Purchase of commercial property.
  2. Office refit or development
  3. Refinance on existing business loans to reduce costs.
  4. Cashflow solutions including debtor finance, further acquisitions or general cash-flow funding.

Business finance requirements are broad and many, contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.  We work for you and are happy to help.

We continue to care.

Over time, things change and here at Focus we understand that lenders, their policies and your businesses situation are not immune to this.  As a result, it is important to constantly be keeping on top of your circumstances.

We will keep in touch regularly and be on hand when ever you need us to answer your questions including contacting you regularly to review things and see if your initial loan is still best for you.

So if you looking for assistance with your business  loan, contact the experts to guide you through your finance requirements please CONTACT US now or call us on 6162 6577.

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