Your Finance is our FOCUS

At Focus Property Wealth we have the skills, knowledge and experience you need to reach your wealth creation goals.

We provide a unique service, one that is wholly focused on securing you the ultimate loan, one that will make your finance work for you.

Our Director Glenn Biggins is a Perth Mortgage Broker that specializes in providing guidance and education rather than complex loans. His extensive experience defines him as a leader in the industry, and he and his team of professionals will provide the highest level of financial services possible. We use a clear model to encourage the wise use of credit, increase the knowledge level and ability of our clients (allowing them to manage and control their financial well-being) and supply a wide range of product options, assisting our clients meet their goals now, and in the future.

We don’t sell houses, we provide focus.

  • Focus on your future
  • Focus on wealth creation
  • Focus on your goals
  • Focus on your passion.

Focus Property Service offers a variety of services in Perth, including:

Focus Property Wealth are here to help you.
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